Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday gift ideas!

For women jewelry always works. You can get us a bangle or a necklace & we'll be happy. I personally always like handbags & shoes for a gift. I'm kind of spoiled that way. According to the trends for the season knee high leather boots ar in & will work as a wonderful gift. Those boots will always be in style no matter how many times you wear them just as long as you go with the trends.

For men they usually like anything electronic for a gift such as the iPad. If they are more fashion forward I would suggest to get a black coat that will go with their body frame. A black coat will always be in style for years to come so you can never go wrong with a coat. You can also get them a watch, a designer one if they are into fashion. Also you may consider a black messanger bag that can be used to carry books if that person is a student or double as a briefcase for the office.

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