Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Subways

Just this past year I heard about this British rock band called The Subways. They have been around since 2004 and have 13 albums total. There are 3 band members total; the Lead Singer- Billy Lunn, his brother & Drummer- Josh Morgan, & the Bassist- Charlotte Cooper. They made 8 music videos of their hit songs over the years and their last gig was the Hevy Music Festival in the 6th-8th of August 2010 in the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park,Kent. They are extremely popular in the UK and their biggest competitor in the US is the band  Boys Like Girls. I absolutely love this band, their music is amazing! Visit their website for more information on their upcoming performances and about the band itself.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Skype, is it cool?

According to my mother my sister has recently become obsessed with Skype. She goes on it to speak to my aunt and play jokes on my mother. Yesterday my sister barges into my moms room & tells her that my Aunt Arlene put a video on you tube talking trash on  my mother. So my mother is watching what she thinks is a video but really it was her Skype playing a trick on my mother. They thought it was hilarious! My mom was pissed that they would dare play a trick on her. But now she is trying to convince me to use Skype to speak to her, instead of using the phone. My mom thinks it's the coolest thing ever & wants everyone to use it too. Not sure I want to 'cuz I hardly like to speak on the phone! Why would I want to have a conversation using the web cam?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday night in LA!

I live in Downtown LA, there is always something going on, some event that is occuring. Traffic noise is forever happening , especially during the weekend. I am used to noise that it feels like background music when I am sleeping. Last night however was louder than usual with blaring rap music playing and people cheering and laughing. I went on my balcony & took pictures of the event that was going on. It seemed pretty exciting with the music and laughter. The view is great and I got to see the whole event, I felt like I as part of an audience watching the excitement winding down. I love the night in LA!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Let them eat cake!
Let them eat cake! by irisr featuring pearl jewelry

Costume idea

Controversy over movie posters

In major cities you see this poster by a bus stop or see the billboard by the highway. Parents are having a fit thinking this is a promotion for a business that wants to take away people's virginity. In reality it's just an advertisement for a movie that's going to come out. So people if you see this poster....don't freak! It's just a movie ad.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry got married!

Apparently they got married this weekend in India! About time they tied the knot! I've been waiting for news about this for a while now. It's like their joined at the hip. I guess it must be love. According to, the singer and the comedian married in a traditional Hindu ceremony attended by their friends and family, who had been spotted landing in India with the pair earlier in the week. Last year Brand said to reporters, "Marriage takes place in the heart. So in that sense, we are already married." Isn't that sweet?! I think they make a cute couple good luck to both of them.

Long view


Fall 2010 Trends

One of the trends is a retro 50's style that inlude a lot of dark core colors and bold accents. Mostly skirts and sweetheart necklines are what dominate the trend. You can also go with vintage 50's garments if that works better for you.
 Nina Ricci's combo bustier & curve hugging below the knee pencil skirt.
 Miu Miu long sleeve blouse & above the knee skirt.
 Mulberry double breasted wool jacket and matching skirt.
Versus sweetheart neckline dress with pleats.

Another trend goes with a more modest style with long skirts and jackets. Most designers have gone long for day & night wear with a more dramatic feel with each garment.
 Fendi's long wool coat & ankle length skirt.
 Michael Kors's double breasted wool coat and high waisted long skirt.
Salvatore Ferragamo cargo long sleeve pocket button down & high waisted below the knee skirt.

The final trend is more decadent with metallic colored prints and brocades. A lot of gold flouriches and gold lame frocks to bring together the trend.
 Alexander McQueen's red & gold brocade dress.
 Blamain's brocade coat and metallic printed leggings.
3.1 Philip Lim metallic tuxedo jacket and flare metallic pants.

Friday, October 22, 2010


My name is Iris and this blog is for my enjoyment. I will be posting my adventures, things that interest me, & of course fashion news! You may get a kick out of what you see and tell your friends about it. Please do so! I want people to visit this blog for the sole purpose of wanting to get away and have fun reading the things I blog about. The world is my wonderland and I will be sharing my interests with you!