Monday, October 25, 2010

Skype, is it cool?

According to my mother my sister has recently become obsessed with Skype. She goes on it to speak to my aunt and play jokes on my mother. Yesterday my sister barges into my moms room & tells her that my Aunt Arlene put a video on you tube talking trash on  my mother. So my mother is watching what she thinks is a video but really it was her Skype playing a trick on my mother. They thought it was hilarious! My mom was pissed that they would dare play a trick on her. But now she is trying to convince me to use Skype to speak to her, instead of using the phone. My mom thinks it's the coolest thing ever & wants everyone to use it too. Not sure I want to 'cuz I hardly like to speak on the phone! Why would I want to have a conversation using the web cam?

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